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GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017
November 18th, 2017

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

4th Floor, VTC Online building, 18 Tam Trinh street, Hanoi
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01:45 pm - 05:30 pm

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Intro to Serverless BigData Processing on GCP

Language: ENG
Google Cloud BigData

In this presentation we’ll do a high-level review of some of the managed services available on Google Cloud Platform for deriving insights from petabyte-scale datasets. Who should attend: Data engineers, Data scientists, and Data analysts. What you’ll learn: how Google Cloud Dataprep, Dataflow, Datalab, and Datastudio can enhance your business processes and analytics workflows.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Allen Day


System security on cloud

Language: VIE
Google Cloud

System security on Cloud is a research field consisting of policy issues, technology, data protection controlling, and system structure on Cloud computing. The topic will illustrate the proper approach to the field in order to help system developers increase the chance of defending the risks of total system security failure.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Phạm Phương Tú

Google Cloud Expert CTO - DYNO

About DYNO:
Founded in 2014, DYNO is a technology company specialised in collecting, processing and exploiting data to serve customers from markets such as the US, the UK, Singapore, Vietnam with a team of field connoisseurs, staff experienced in machine learning and data processing, and online marketing. Products on DYNO's database have performed tens of thousands of advertising campaigns successfully with extraordinary indexes.

The applicability of machine learning in image analysis

Language: VIE
Machine Learning

Machine learning is becoming a hot issue in R&D community. How to apply Machine Learning into image analysis is greatly concerned by businesses due to its high applicability in supervisor system, management system and medical system. This presentation will instruct developers to adopt Machine Learning into specific (image analysic) cases.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Vũ Hoài Nam

IT Lecturer - Posts and Telecommunications Institute of Technology

Mixed Reality and IOT devices

Language: VIE

Our world is changing and IOT is future. IOT makes all devices can connect and communicate with each other. Mixed Reality will changes the way you live, the way you work and helps you have a new interface to interact with all IOT devices. We will show you how to bring your home, your office to anywhere.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Hoàng Quốc Huy

Unity3D Software Engineer & Game Developer - Framgia

How to move from Java to Kotlin

Language: VIE
Android Kotlin Java

Kotlin is a flexible and powerful language that has been officially supported in Android Studio and a number of its service foundations by Google. Kotlin helps developers greatly in effectively and efficiently constructing a(n) game/app. However, so far, Java is still the most prevalent language to most developers. Thus, what is the handiest way to "move to Kotlin" in order to take advantage of this programming language when it has been forecasted to overthrow Java's crown in the near future? The talk will cover step-by-step this question to share with developers the quickest and easieat way to "move to Kotlin".

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Lê Văn Giáp

Mobile Tech Leader - VCCorp

AI and Machine Learning - A not so easy task

Language: VIE
Machine Learning Artificial Intelligence

In this presentation I will show you a brief history of Ai and Machine Learning. Additionally, some big problems and challenges to the development of Ai and Machine Learning will be mentioned and discussed in my sessions.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Trần Hoài Linh

Associate Professor, Doctor of Science - Hanoi University of Science and Technology

SUSI.AI - Personal Assistants Framework

Language: VIE ENG
Artificial Intelligence

SUSI.AI is an Artificial Intelligence solution for personal assistants and virtual instructors using natural language that can be used to provide assistance apps on phones, help desk solutions, and deliver training content. SUSI.AI can make use of existing materials, manuals, FAQs, educational content and use media such as text, image, video and VRs. It can also access different connected databases. For security related use cases SUSI.AI can be setup as an inhouse solution with encrypted access.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Đặng Hồng Phúc

Founder - FOSSASIA

What makes an UI so smooth? A real case study from BOS

Language: VIE
Android Programming

Smoothness is a crucial element of an application on any platform, and Android is no exception. According to Google statistics, smoothness is one of three main reasons why 60% of users rated 5 stars for an app, besides superior design and convenience.
Therefore, it is fair to say that smoothness strongly affects the success of a software application, or even of a startup.
However, the programming of an app that has an interface which reaches the smoothness of a professional product is not an easy task and often requires a lot of knowledge and experience. In the presentation, the guest speaker will share his experience, which is obtained from developing Bphone Operating System (BOS), to help achieve this.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Lâm Hồng Quang

Mobile Product Director - BKAV Corporation


Language: VIE
Ads Optimization Monetization

Ways to ultimately utilize in-app advertising resources.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Nguyễn Minh Long

RichAdX Project Manager - MOG

App Ads Revenue Optimization using Firebase Analytics

Language: VIE
Ads optimization Firebase Analytics Monetization

With the growth of mobile users, there has been an increase in apps and app monetization tools which leverage the app analytics to build a more engaging ads experience. Firebase is built to give developers the tools to develop high quality ads, measure in-app purchase revenue, grow user base and bring profitable monetization strategy. At the heart of Firebase is Google Analytics for Firebase, the unlimited analytics solution help developers analyze LTV of users which enables them to make better decisions regarding targeted app marketing and performance optimizations.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Nguyễn Thị Loan

AppotaX Project Manager - Adsota

Disruptive Technology Innovation

Language: ENG

The momentum of technologies pushed us to chase the newest. When everyone around you is upgrading, this put pressure to developers & companies. Behind the scene, how we can adopt disruptive new technologies with continuous improvements?

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Desmond Kam

Founder - codecampvn.me

Building a tech startup with a mobile app

Language: VIE

Definition of a tech startup; Process to build a sustainable business model with your app and ways to hack the market.

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Nguyễn Khôi

Founder & CEO - WeFit

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017
November 18th, 2017

Professional speakers/judges

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017
4th Floor, VTC Online building, 18 Tam Trinh street, Hanoi

GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017

Mini hackathon

GDG Mini Hackathon Hanoi 2017 is a programming competition organised by GDG Hanoi within the scope of GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017. We aim to create a playground for developers as well as students interested in technology to develop teamwork skills and critical thinking ability by building real world applications from various pieces of technology by Google, including, but not limited to, Firebase and Google Cloud.


- Time: 07:30 - 21:00, November 18th, 2017.

- Venue: 4th Floor, VTC Online building, 18 Tam Trinh street, Hanoi.


- Open only to students and developers in Hanoi.

- Age range from 20 to 27 years old.


- Team registration only.

- Number of players on a team:
+ Single Stack: Maximum 4 players/team (in which: Client side: 2 people, Server side: 2 people)
+ Full Stack: Maximum 3 players/team


 Round 1: Online application
+ Registration time: From October 23, 2017 to November 08, 2017
+ Team leader sign up by using official online form.

 Round 2: Hackathon
+ Time: From 07:30 to 18:00, November 18th, 2017

 Round 3: Pitching
+ Time: From 18:00 to 21:00, November 18th, 2017


- GDG Mini Hackathon Hanoi 2017 will be run alongside GDG DevFest Hanoi 2017.

- After the online registration round is finished, the Judges will select 10 teams to enter the second round. The topic will officially be disclosed by the organising committee in round 2. Each team will have 8 hours to build a product according to the given topic, using Google technology (Firebase, TensorFlow, Google Cloud Platform, etc.)

- Programming language: to be decided by the contestants.


01 First Prize: 10,000,000 VND in cash + Certificate from Google Developers + Gif
01 Second Prize: 5,000,000 VND in cash + Certificate from Google Developers + Gif
01 Third Prize: 3,000,000 VND in cash + Certificate from Google Developers + Gif
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